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Card Captor Sakura is a show that my entire family (well, except for my father who hates anime and my grandmother who hates the Japanese) can enjoy. My little sisters really like Sakura and Kero-chan, my mother thinks Tomoyo is really funny, and my friend Amber and probably know what OUR favorite thing about the show is. *heh* I think Touya and Yukito are THE BEST couple!! They're just too cute together! I'm really trying to find a cel of them both in it, but I'm on the lookout for "To-ya" or "Yuki" cels in general. ^___^

I've been looking all over for a cel of Sakura (that's pronounced "Sah-koo-rah", NOT "Sah-kyuu-ruh" by the way) in this costume. I'm not sure this is from episode 7 as I once thought... maybe from a re-cap episode later in the series? Or a cut scene? Most cels from this show I've found have been really expensive, but this one was affordable, probably because it's so small. I like the fact that the capture wand is included though. ^^ Here's the pencil sketch. $30 ON HOLD

I was buying a cel of Yukito as a birthday present for my friend Amber, who absolutely loves Yukito, as well as his voice actress Megumi Ogata. I felt bad about giving it away, so I ordered this other one from Usagi's House. I like it alot, but I haven't placed it in the series yet. It came with an unstuck sketch. I'd love to find a cel of Yukito and Touya together, or Yukito and Sakura. $75

Heh. I don't see Touya getting exasperated very often. Maybe he's getting divine retribution for all the teasing and taunting he gives Sakura. Maybe this is from later in the series, with whashername who hangs all over him. Grrrr! Find yourself a new man, honey, he's already taken! Here's the pencil sketch. SOLD

Here's a cute cel of Sakura's rival for Yukito's affections (snicker). Shaoran hardly ever looks cute, I would really love to have a cel of him and Yukito, or just him blushing and going all chibi. In fact, he's blushing in this cel, just a little. I like the expression on his face a lot, and like the two cels above, I'd like to know what episode and scene this is from. With matching pencil sketch. $60

I tried to win this cel on ebay a long time ago, but lost out to Xane. Anyhow, she recently put this up for sale and now it's mine. It's from episode eight, right after Sakura has the dream with Li in it, on top of the Tokyo Tower, and Touya wakes her up and she throws a doll or something at him. Looking at this cel, you can just hear him saying "Sakura no kaiju". ^^ Came with a previously stuck sketch. $65

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