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Dragonball used to be my favorite anime series. I still like it a lot, but I enjoy Lupin III and Miyazaki stuffs more. The Tenkaichi Budokai were my favorite parts of the series so you'll probably notice a lot of my cels are from those episodes. I would also love to have cels of the Red Ribbon Army bad guys.

This cel is from one of my favorite story arcs of the series, the 23rd Tenkaichi Budokai, and appears in Dragon Ball episode 139, "Gokuh vs. Tenshinhan: Rematch". It was used in a sequence with Yamucha fighting Shen (actually God). Shen was basically humiliating the crap out of Yamucha, so he decides to use a new technique, the Sokidan. Here he is announcing his attack right before employing it. I love the line detail used in this cel. The expression is a little scary though. Unfortunately it came stuck to the board behind it during shipping (probably the heat caused this). It was sitting in my room when I came back from my vacation in North Carolina. $45

Yay, Videl cel. I finally got my tapes back after about two years or so of them being "borrowed" so I now know for sure that this cel is from episode 200 of DBZ. I've learned my lesson though. I like Videl so much with long's too bad I sold the other two cels I had of her... *sniffle* This cel comes with a pencil sketch it's incredibly stuck to, and it looks as if it's been cut (unevenly). SOLD

The most formidable villian of them all. This is from the second episode of Dragonball. Shuu has just reported to Pilaf. I never thought I'd find a cel of Pilaf, and he's such a random character, so this is probably one of my favorites. Comes with a sketch of Pilaf's arm that is VERY stuck, but at least the cel is covering it up. $45

Blue Shogun accidentally wanders onto the set of Fushigi Yuugi. (CONFIRMED! This is a honest-to-god cel of Shogun Blue, in armor. Thanks to the super-reliable Marisa for the tip!) $60

I got this cel from Marcus, who was kind enough to sell it to me from his personal collection. It's Bulma from the *first* episode of Dragonball, demonstrating a capsule's use to an astounded Gokuh. I'm really glad to have this cel. $50

I realize the crappiness of this cel, but I bought it only for the fact that it has the announcer guy from the Budokai in it...otherwise known to #afd peeps as "Matt". This cel looks odd, but it's from an odd scene in the first Budokai of the series where Kuririn is fighting Kamesennin disguised as "Jackie Chun", and Matt has them go in slow motion to show the audience what happened, which means picking Chibi Kuririn up and moving him across the ring. Heh. I haven't got to this part in the anime yet because I haven't bought any Dragonball fansubs in awhile so I used my manga once again as a resource. SOLD

I bought this cel for very cheap off of along with the one above because I wanted a cel with Yamucha in his bandit clothes. This is from episode 6 where Yamucha's little plot to steal the Dragonballs fails because he grabs Bulma's boobs (yeah, I know, I'm an anime sophisticate). Technically Puar is in this cel, too (he's turned into the key). It came with this sketch. SOLD

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