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It's a terribly small collection right now, but that's partly because Lupin cels are so incredibly rare to find. The series being 35 years old doesn't help much. However, I've managed to collect some pretty damn good ones. These are my most prized possessions and I'm not accepting any offers for them. None of these cels are ever for sale.

This is it. This is my most prized cel. Second series, episode 155. A very thoughtful gift for my sixteenth birthday, from damen. I wasn't sure about it being a Miyazaki cel at first. He was going to get me another cel from the website that was the fake Lupin and Goemon and a suitcase full of money, which I knew was from this episode. I had to watch it again to realize this is too. It's from the scene at the beginning where they get a bag of jewels from Maki and Jigen tries to grab the bag, but the fake Lupin elbows him. Jigen and Lupin are two seperate cels and the Jigen cel is stuck to the Lupin cel.

Another Miyazaki Lupin cel, from Cagliostro no Shiro. You can see the cel used here (thanks to Leigh for the screen capture). Hopefully in the future I will be able to get a better cel from this movie. Like Goemon (virtually impossible for this movie) or Lupin scaling the castle walls...

Here is a cel I waited for about five months to receive. (The French postal service sucks. Not only that, but sending large amounts of money to France is a hassle, because unlike money orders to Japan, money orders to France must be sent to somewhere in St. Louis to be converted to francs.) A matching pencil sketch was stuck to the back.

Ryu sez:I think that it comes from episode: "151. Rupan taiho. Haiuei sakusen. " (151. Arrest Lupin. Highway strategy) of 2nd TV series telecasted on 8th of September of 1980. Lupin and Fujiko want to steal several diamonds, but plan failed and Zenigata captures Fujiko. Lupin wants to free her, but Zenigata has ready got a trap on Highway. Zenigata's Highway strategy. That cell has got from last scene, when Lupin and Fujiko are on a mountain of diamonds, Lupin jokes and Fujiko replies with that cell." Thanks alot for the information!

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