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These are all the cels that don't fit into the other categories...some of them I probably bought just to have a cel of that one character, and some of them I might make a new category for later on. Be warned that this page might have some spoilers on it (depending on what you consider a spoiler of course).

Yay! It's the ONE cel I got at Anime Expo... a nice cel of Allen from Escaflowne. This cel is from episode 15 where Van and Hitomi are NOT dead and everyone is relieved. ^^;; This is actually two cels, one A1 end of Allen and a B cel of his eyes (since all he does in this shot is blink). I REALLY like the thick lines in this cel. Also, it came with a matching pencil sketch, missing the eyes. Can anyone tell me what the sketch says? SOLD

This is my second Escaflowne cel, of Hitomi from the first episode. This is actually from the very first close-up sequence of Hitomi in the series. From the scene where she comes late to track practice and Yukari is scolding her for tardiness. "Gomen, Yukari!" I like the fact that it's halfway through the shot because it's a rare, feminine shot of Hitomi, and she's actually SMILING! I love the airbrush for the blush on her cheeks. I am absolutely in awe of this cel. The matching pencil is here. on ebay

This is a set of Hana Yori Dango genga I purchased along with the cel above from Anime Taro (since I can't get any cels). This is from one of the episodes with Tsukushi on vacation with Kasuya-kun...I'm not sure but I think this is the scene where Doumyouji shows up in his huge yacht. I bought this set specifically because Kasuya-kun was in it. I think it came with eighteen different sketches, but I just scanned some of the best...this one, this one, and this one, along with the one linked to the right. $30

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