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Miyazaki cels are pretty expensive, so I'm primarily on the lookout for cels from his television series Mirai Shounen Conan or "Conan: Boy in the Future". Anyhow, this is where I will put non-Lupin Miyazaki cels from now on. None of these cels below are for sale.

Everyone's favorite anime pedophile, Dyce Sencho, from Future Boy Conan. Thanks a lot to Anime Chaos for this one. I've been looking everywhere for a good cel of this character. I still haven't placed it yet... maybe Monsley has pissed him off yet again? Heh, after we watched the last episodes of this series, my sister told me she had a dream where she married Captain Dyce. o_o There's no matching sketch, like I expected, but rather there is a really weird sketch from something else stuck to the back, which I'd like to find out what it is, but not enough to where I'll put it up here. E-mail me for a scan; it's a drawing of someone practicing kendo, I think, and some odd...creature?

A really great cel from episode 3 where Conan first runs into Jimsy. This cel was featured on the preview page of cels from Bonbee's website, which stayed up until her big update months later. Luckily I jumped on it right away. I like Jimsy a lot so I was really glad to get this cel. I'd really like to have a cel of him smoking from the first episode with Dyce and the Barracuda. But this cel alone is a rare and great find.

Tonari no Totoro was the first anime anyone in my family bought, and seven years or so after I saw the dubbed version for the first time, it's still one of my favorite films ever. This Satsuki cel was an impulse buy off of ebay, of which I am rather proud of now, because that is the largest Totoro cel I've ever seen for that price, even thought her eyes are shut (personally the eyes shut look better in this one cel). This cel is freakin' HUGE! The painted area is around 8x11 inches. This is probably the most valuable cel I own. It was also suprisingly affordable.

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