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True Stories

Mikey: "Red Means GO!"
God Loves Me
Scott-sama, daisuke. ;_;
Anime Expo Report
Back in School

Mikey: "Red Means GO!"

I came home on Friday night last week and found my dad in the living room with a bunch of drapecloths and a ladder painting the living room. Actually, he was priming the walls and the trim, which could only mean one thing...that he was going to repaint the living room. Confused, and thinking it was just another phase of him being at home without a job, I put off asking him about it. Now instead of baking a cake he was painting the living room instead. I finally found out that he and mom had decided to repaint the living room much earlier than I expected him too. Today, he finished, after painting the rest of the upstairs hallway yesterday Sunday, and the bathroom doors. (He also tried to fix my screwed up door and cieling fan.) Now our living room is a dark green color my mom picked out to try and match the drapes, although she should have known that a dark color would make the wall look shitty. It was one thing my dad and I agreed on, that the living room and upstairs hallway walls should have been a lighter green, like foam green or something. See, if you have a dark color, but not as dark as the drapes, but about the same color, it clashes almost as bad as if she had tried to match the green drapes with a pink color. The lighter tint of a sea green like color that the wall was before dad primed it would have offset the drapes nicely. Of course, I picked out the colors for my room and my grandmother's when I was 9, and they work fine with the lighting from windows (mine being a sea green wall/teal trim, Grandma's a peach/dark pink trim, for her room with two windows on either side, and it being the corner of the house, she gets light at all time of the day. Me only in the afternoon. I think I have an eye for interior design.) Anyway, it didn't surprise me that me and even my father had better taste than my mom, who owns a pair of shiny hot pink spandex tights.
But DAMN! Enough about interior decorating and home design! That's what cable TV is for! Let's get to my incredible weekend. As in the immortal writings of Scott, it was "wacky crazy fun". See, I was going to go to damen's house for one sole purpose, so he could see all the new anime tapes I got. I was borrowing a new Fushigi Yuugi Pioneer tape from Amber (I don't really care for the dub that much, but I like the show so I don't mind. Tamahome and Tasuki could use better voices, and Yui, but on the whole I don't mind. I'm getting fansubs from this one guy anyway.) Well, back on topic. Since I was borrowing a tape I sorta had to watch it that weekend, so I wouldn't have to keep it two weeks, and we're getting out of skool next week. I also brought over my new Lupin III tapes, Zantetsu Sword is on Fire and a shitty black and white fansub of Castle Cagliostro. (I can't complain, it was still readable and a good movie, and it was free, besides the tape price.) Well, I couldn't get a ride from my house, since my parents were busy painting, and I couldn't get his mom to take me because it was his little sister's birthday and she was doing that, so we settled for the final alternative, a ride from Mikey. I found out he was picking me up, and waited outside reading Ender's Game for about 45 minutes until he got there. I hoped that a) damen would know the way well enough, and b) Mikey would at least drive sensibly enough outside the front of my house for my parents to know it wasn't a high skool kid and NOT an adult like they probably thought it was. Well, I couldn't really count on either, but at least he got here. I hit him on the head when I got in the car for driving around and around in circles in front of my house. The first place we went, oddly enough, was Hickory Hollow Mall. The first thing we did was play around in a drained fountain (well Mikey anyway). Mikey wanted to buy this Black Flag shirt, and we ended up helping him pay for it. I gave one of the bored clerks at Hot Topic a free copy of my zine, since I'm so generous (or is that stupid), and I dragged Mikey and damen to Sanrio to get our picture taken. We had to wait for some 12 year-old girls to get done using it first, they took a lot of pictures and were on the machine for like ten whole minutes. I got nervous cause the shop was closing. damen was nervous because he was wearing his Atom shirt that said "Stick your foot up your fucking ass" on the back. But the end result was well worth it. I feel like printing up letterheads for myself using this picture. Hee hee. Well, after that we ran like hell out of the mall, because we felt like it, and hopped into the car (I rode in the trunk!) and we sped downtown. We stopped in front of indienet and hung around there for awhile, then I shyly ran in and shoved a few copies of my zine in the proprietor's face and ran back out, not giving any details. I guess they'll just put it on the zine rack and let it rot there for a few years. Anyone who tries to buy it will probably notice the "$1" printed on the front of the zine. Next time I'm there I'll collect any cash I may have made off of them (yeah right). Oh well, just so you know, you MIGHT see my zine at indienet in the near future. After hitting the gay store, (and after my realization you can hear bands thru the wall in there for free, heh) we got in the car and left for the Bellmont area of downtown, and played some games of chess in the bookstore next door to trendy-as-fuck Bongo Java. After that, Mikey took us on a tour of Nashville's lookout I never knew existed, off of West End, where you can see the entire town and where teenagers and college kids go to fuck in their cars. Heh. After all this we hit a sushi place downtown and ate green tea ice cream (damen paid). After that we had to speed so Mikey could get home, he ran more red lights than he did earlier that evening. Then he noticed he was running on empty, so damen had to pay Mikey's gas money. Later I found out that all the money he spent that night was for my birthday present. He was going to get me a big Lupin plushie, but I guess now I'll have to get it myself, or maybe my mom will buy it for me, heh. Oh well. Last year he gave me sixty bucks worth of Mr. T merchandise, and I never get him anything.

God Loves Me

My birthday didn't suck this year. Let me talk about my job, then I will get to that.
Okay everybody, I have a job now. It is bad. Really bad. Not only am I working full time right away (because of my pre-scheduled vacation) but today I had cart duty outside in 90 degree weather, then fifteen minutes later I had it AGAIN, cause some asshole decided not to show up for work. And I get paid minimum wage, and nothing extra for doing other people's work. My dad says that's normal, but it pissed me off. I can't even push carts that well, I get tired and delirious and can't stand up or breathe very well. I almost got hit by morons in their stupid cars too. Also, I didn't get to hug the clowns that were here today. When I got off work at 6, they were gone. I wanted to hug them so I could get a sticker that says "I hugged a clown today".
Those stickers were COOL! *cries*
Anyway, I was able to get off work Thursday and Friday for my birthday. Friday, June 11th was my birthday. The day before that I went to get my driver's permit, and failed my test by one point. They refunded about three dollars of my mom's money and told me to come back the next day, which I couldn't, cause my parents had to work. Damn. It could be awhile before I can take that test again. So then I was really upset, but mom said she'd buy us lunch so I ate MEAT at Burger King because I couldn't think of anything veggie to eat that sounded good at the time. (Just about my only choice was Taco Bell, where they put lard in their beans and everything gives me the shits.) Then we went to the Japanese Foods and Specialties store on Nolensville Rd. and Caitlin got some Pocky, and a can of fruit drops (she wanted them cause of that movie Grave of the Fireflies, tee hee), and this Nakayoshi color manga with lots of neat toys, like Card Captor Sakura's capture wand (which I assembled squeaks!) While I was there I was appalled to see that all the Lupin III tapes for rental were GONE! NOOOOOO! I was going to rent Cagliostro because my copy sucks ass! Anyway I had to help Caitlin pay for the Nakayoshi manga cause she forgot her money, then mom paid what we didn't have. The guy working at the counter was there last time I was there, I think he owns the store. He had these wooden tops and was spinning them around and stuff. He didn't know a lot of English but he was able to tell Caitlin that he wanted us to have the tops, so we got them. Yay! They are cool. As I was walking outside I saw that mom bought a Weekly Shonen Jump manga, and I was surprised. I thought she bought it for herself. Later I found out it was for me. "Ohhh..." I said.
The next stop was the Southern Thrift, where we wasted about an hour trying on pants and I found a good pair, but I couldn't get it cause a storm came and it rained really hard and the power went out so the registers weren't working. Like they couldn't have just counted out some bills. Then mom told me they were only taking checks anyway. Poop on them. So then we just went home.
On my birthday, I already knew I couldn't get Conner to come cause she went to New Jersey to see her Italian side of the family and visit her dad. Jim said he was going to get his car fixed and come over, but showed up (his mom said he only gets to see him once every 16 months, but I didn't even know he had one) and so he spent the day with him instead. Then he had to go to his dad's house for about a week, I guess. Also, there was a small chance Mikey could have made it, but he said he probably wouldn't have been able to come, and damen says that he doesn't believe him when he says I don't hate him. Oh well. So only damen came, and he brought my present. For a long time, I kept thinking that he had gotten me a Lupin plush. But he told me he didn't, and he got me something that I would like more than that. I was mad. I didn't think he was telling the truth. But when I saw what he got me, well.... uhm...see for yourself. I was sort of overcome by the shock. Then my mom gave me a walkman that's a really dorky yellow color, cause my last one was stolen, and some good headphones....with a cord sixteen feet long, whatever that's good for. Also, some new pairs of pants. And that was it. Then I ate German chocolate cake and went back to work the next morning. And I have to go to work tommorrow too. *groan*

Scott-sama...daisuke. ;_;

Damn. Because I have to work all week (so I can get four days off for Anime Expo in Anaheim, CA) I couldn't get off work on Saturday and ride the train downtown with Scott. He called me up that morning to make plans and I told him, he sounded really dissappointed, and so I felt miserable all day. He even got tickets in advance and a good pair of seats and everything. I was looking forward to it for over a month. Well, to get even in some sort of way, I bagged everyone's groceries at work all wrong on purpose. Heh heh! Fruit with meat, frozen items with chips, etc. That's what you all get! I also had to work ten hours that day, so I was NOT happy.
On the Fourth I went to Jim's house and worked on Superperson. I also brought the first 6 episodes of DBZ fansubbed for him to watch, and Lupin III: Die Nostradamus! I don't know if he liked Lupin much or not. I really should have brought over something like Mamo or the Miyazaki directed episodes or my shitty fansub of Cagliostro, but all of those are either dubbed or horrible quality. So I was stuck with Nostradamus. Anyway, he came up with some pretty funny comments throughout the whole thing. Like my favorite, in the scene where Goemon goes out to investigate the night before they break into the vault, as he's leaving the room he says, "I shall go take a look." and Jim says "Okay, Keanu!" LOL! He also said that Lupin and Jigen wore their pants too tight. Heh. Then I went home and realized I had missed all of the fireworks. -_-
I didn't end up going to Canada on vacation this year. Instead we went camping in the Outer Banks, NC. Our tent poles broke a few times because it was so damn windy. And I lost a lense out of my glasses while walking on the beach. Only when we left did the wind die down. I got sunburned. Then we drove back and stopped in Chapel Hill to eat and camped at a KOA outside of Asheville. Then we went home and I found my Yamucha cel and Card Captor Sakura plushie both lying around in my room when I got back. Yay!
Anyway, I felt the need to update, but so much stuff happened that I can barely remember any of it, and I still need to go to work this afternoon, so I guess this is it for now. I plan on taking pictures at Anime Expo, and some people I know from #db, and #db will be there, so on my next update it would be wise to check out the pictures section. "Uhm...bye?"

Anime Expo Report

Okay, first of all, this was the first time I had been on a plane in thirteen years. Also, I felt weird getting picked up by damen's grandparents cause I'd never met them and I wasn't really coming all this way to meet them, just so they could drive me to an anime convention. I felt like I was using lots of people. But in the was definitely worth it! ^^
When we finally got to the Hilton, we got all out crap in our room and then sat in line for 4+ hours waiting to be registered. I met up with Jerry Shaw from and scored some free Sailormoon goodies. I ended up giving everything I took from him away to somebody, however (except for the Stars Venus single, that is MINE!!) Well they handed us out a bunch of free crap and after all that I went upstairs and went to bed. In the morning we watched Those Who Hunt Elves and stood in line to get into the Dealer's Room, where we both spent just about all of our money. While in line, I met up with this girl whose name I didn't get, she was cosplaying Yui-chan from FY, so I just kept calling her that. She was sort of a hentai but fun to talk to. Then later in the evening I went to the Anime Artists Unite! panel and the Cel Collectors seminar/meeting where I shared my puny cel collection with everyone. I met the Yui-chan person again and she saw my cel collection. Upon seeing my cel of Jigen and Lupin she started laughing and exclaimed "He's trying to grab his ass!" Damen was really proud of his new Urusei Yatsura cel and surprisingly actually agreed to enter it into the Funniest Cels Contest, where he lost only to a cel of Ten from the same anime. (I think some people were grossed out cause Ataru had breasts. O_o) He almost won some Ranma cel with a matching background, which I didn't consider a huge loss, but for someone who only has one cel then I guess it would have been a big triumph. I entered my Lupin cel as well, but only because of what that girl said and only because I wanted to show it off. :P They were going to have a most beautiful cel contest, but didn't (I didn't have anything to enter in anyway) so they just gave away the cels that were going to be prizes, which is how I got my Mosquiton cel. I checked out this one guy's book, he was Japanese and had a lot of really nice Miyazaki cels that he bought up back when they weren't in demand, for cheap. And he had nice ones, not small ones like the kinds you find now, but the big closeups and nice A1 cels that go for at least 1,000 these days. All the backgrounds were non-matching though. I showed him my only Miyazaki cel, although he didn't really seem impressed, I did, cause I was the only person with a Miyazaki Lupin cel. I did meet another girl with a Lupin cel, but it was nowhere as cool as mine. I also met up with this woman whose Utena cels I had seen online. She has only scanned a few out of her collection cause so many people make offers. I was glad to get to see them. I also met up with the Usagi's House people and asked the woman who runs it why I can't ever find Lupin cels. She said they were never in much demand but if I dropped her a line she'd try and pick some up on her next trip to Japan. ^^ After all that excitement we ate and stuck around for a bunch of Sherbert Parodies that were playing in the "Mystery Room", including a UY episode and I think the "Ranma's Summer Vacation" movie or whatever the name of it was. They were funny! Finally, at like 3 in the morning, we went to bed.
The next morning we got up early and missed the Yoko Kanno piano recital, but at least we caught the most recent episode of Utena, and I finally got to hear Touga's original Japanese seiyuu. *shivers* Whoa. After that it was walking around the Exhibition Hall/Dealer's Room a little bit more and Fushigi Yuugi. We also saw Card Captor Sakura number 3, and although I have it, it was good to see on the big screen and with people who hadn't seen it. Oh yeah, and Fancy La La too... although I thought the theme song was annoying, I'd like to see more of it. Then we watched the S movie, and at 5:30, the highlight of the entire trip, I got to watch Lupin III: Walther P.38 in a theatre with like 100 other people. THEY CLAPPED FOR GOEMON! I had my Lupin mediocom doll with me. I was in total heaven. Walther was a great movie.
Even though it was delayed, the Masquerade that night was a big event. My favorite cosplays were the 7 or 8 year old Sakura and Tomoyo, and the group of costumed Sailor Senshi who came out and danced to "La Soldier". There was also a big dancing Pen Pen and a Evangelion/Spy Who Shagged Me parody! During the judging they brought out students from a Japanese voice acting college to voice a brand new anime from Shogakukan that hadn't been shown on Japanese TV yet. They played the clip three times with the students acting the first time, then a famous seiyuu I didn't recognize and people who attended the Voice Acting panel, and finally we saw the original cut. I think I liked the first demonstration better than the original. It was by the Detective Conan people and about a 2 or 3 inch tall Private Eye named George. ^^ The audience did the sound effects. After the results of the judging, me and damen both decided we were too tired to stay up for the Music Video Contest. It was 1 AM in the morning, and we had to get up and packed the next day.
The next morning we managed to get packed and out of the room by 12. We hung around in the Exhibition Hall a little bit, even though we were completely broke. I tried to put the Cagliostro Land Album on hold till damen's mom came to take us the the airport, cause she was gonna buy it and I'd pay her back. I couldn't, but she came late anyway, and the Exhibition Hall closed down before she got there. Also, it sold to someone else. I WANT THAT! Luckily I managed to pick up the Cagliostro double CD when I got back, from Digital Discs, who had it at the convention. But I still want that artbook. ;_; As for anime, we watched Maison Ikkoku, an ep of dubbed Ranma (with Ted Cole as Kuno! wheee) Card Captor Sakura eps 6 and 7 (ep 6 with her dead mother is my favorite so far, I was pissed that they didn't show past episode seven though cause that's the last one I have), some show Mahoujin Guru Guru, which was hilarious, and Mahou Tsukai Tai, which had the best homosexually suggestive scene I'd ever seen in any anime! YES! YAOI!
Finally it was time to go. We waited and waited for his mom, who had gotten stuck in traffic. Then we went back to damen's grandparents' house and spent the night. The next morning we got on the plane home, which was good cause I was homesick. Since Becca's team is playing a lot of championship games right now, I've yet to see her. -_- If she wins one more game though, her team will be the State Champions! ^^ Well anyway that's what's been up lately. Now if you'll excuse me I have to get some sleep so I can get to work in the morning. I need to earn some money to pay for all the cels I ordered. I looked like a freak at the Cel Collectors meeting, only three God...

Back in School

I was planning on doing a short back-to-school entry here, but as you know school and work got the best of me and I put it on the back-burner for awhile, and now we'll be out for Xmas break in a few months. Oh well. Here's the run-down.
1) Guess who's back? For you really old school visitors to this page, you may have remembered a guy named Jason Smith that I went to school with back in 8th grade. (You may see his name mentioned in really old entries in the archives.) Well, he's back. I haven't seen him in two years or more because he was thrown out of school on some sort of drug charge and went to the alternative school, but now he's back. He's not completely different, but I was expecting him to still be an asshole when I noticed him in my art class like the third day of school, so I avoided him for a little while. Anyhow, physically, he's a little taller, has facial hair, and a nose piercing. He listens to almost exclusive hardcore and is living by himself basically, well, with a relative a little older than him I think. It's weird talking to him I told him how I missed the Descendents when they came here on their reunion tour and he was like, "You missed that show just cause *I* was there? You must have REALLY hated me..."
2) My teachers are weird as hell. I ended up with the same art teacher from last year, now that I have 5th period with her that means I get like 45 minutes more art than last year. She's really different and more of a bitch this year than last. My Algebra II teacher is on crack, he talks about monkeys and cavemen and Ghostbusters while solving equations. I guess he figures if the class thinks he's stupid then they'll grasp the concepts more easily or something. My History teacher's room smells like a Michael's because of all the potpurri. It's sort of weird but it's better than the usual classroom smell I suppose. My French teacher is one of those skinny mid-twenty year-old women, so there's not much to tell. And I've only got a few more month left in gym before I never have to take it again, so it's not worth mentioning.
3) Scott has a car. Yes it's true, Scott has a car, but now that we don't have to walk and ride the bus when he comes to see me, I have to work on the weekends, and he has a job during the week, so he ends up going to Conner's house instead. GRRR! Conner told me she thought Scott was cool too, but I've had a crush on this guy for like a year and a half, so as you can tell I'm extremely pissed off about that. Just when my relationship with Scott is getting more intimate, someone I'm friends with has to step in and interfere. GRRR. Well, maybe things will get better when I quit my job this December. (My dad's letting me quit then, finally. That jerk told me it was only to be a summer job.)
4) They won't give me a promotion at work. The people at work were training me on the register, and it was my understanding that they were going to make me a cashier, but they said recently I had to work more hours before they could promote me. WTF? There are two people I know of at work who only work weekends, and they're cashiers. Granted, they have other jobs, but so what? Like school doesn't count. I CAN'T work more days because I get homework, and if I work after school like they WERE making me, I can't get my homework done. Then I fail, and I end up working at Kroger or some other dead-end job for the rest of my life. Dammit. Besides, working after school is the more indescribable depressing thing ever...get up at 5 in the morning, go to school, come home, work on your homework, eat, go to work, come home at 9:30 and go to bed. Repeat. AAAACCCK! I at least wish Michael's would hire me. I'll try the mall next.
5. I'm slowly learning how to drive. Being sixteen, I should have my liscense by now, but I don't, because certain people who were supposed to teach me how to drive were neglecting to get the car with the stick fixed. (I have to learn to drive stick.) Finally I had my first driving lesson last Saturday, in which I (sort of) learned how to work the clutch. Letting up on the clutch is hard. I can't seem to tap the accelerator light enough and I go speeding around the parking lot. It didn't help that it was raining that day and the windows were all foggy. Our mirrors don't work on that car either. I convinced my mom to let me park and go to the Goodwill to buy 25 dollars worth of sweaters. Sometimes life is good.


Eighteen months ago, I fell in love.
Apparently Scott is in love with me, although I can't see why, he's so much cooler than I am, and I would have told him I loved him a long time ago if a) I wasn't so self-conscious and b) if he wasn't 7 years older than me. I just don't see what's so cool about me, but I looked back on some letters I got from him over the years and every time he'd leave town for a trip or something, he'd tell me how much he missed me, which I dismissed due to the fact that I was so sure he didn't like me at all. Now he's making plans for us to live together right after I graduate, and blah-de-blah. I think the age thing really bothers him too, because who the hell likes being thought of as a creep because of the fact that he's dating a 16 year old girl? I wish I could skip the next two years of high school right now. Many circumstances are keeping us apart at this moment. Let's see, there's his job, which he works every day from 4-9, except Tuesdays. I get home from school at 2:25 and my curfew during the week is 9:30 (I think it's the same for weekends too, but that's under negotiation). Then there's my job, which I work Friday - Sunday at Kroger, leaves me feeling really tired, and sometimes Scott gets weekends off but he wouldn't be able to see me since I work. So right now Scott is trying to get a job delivering papers early in the morning so he can be off work when I get home from school. Right now he could always tell his boss he has a juggling gig, but you can only lie so much until they catch on to you. Scott says if he gets fired that's no problem with him, but I told him I wasn't going to date someone who lived with their parents, and he should be moving out soon, which he can't do while he's jobless. Damen doesn't like the fact that we're going out. He found out from me and he was angry, he doesn't want me to date him. I think he's just jealous. Scott says he bears him no ill will, but he's still not satisfied. Well, too bad, he'll have to get used to it. #3. My general peers. The art class gang (Alex, Mandy, Daniel, and formerly Jason, who dropped out and is couch-hopping right now, long story) and others like them don't see a problem, but normal classmates are completely scared of me. Or they think I'm really naive or something. I've already known every creepy guy inside and out, and Scott isn't one. (Scott says he's sort of creepy, but I'm not convinced.) Some girl in my Algebra class sits on the other side of the classroom from me now, but that may also be because I told her I don't believe in God (or Satan for that matter). Actually I'm agnostic, but I was sick of hearing her preach about Jews going to hell and stuff so I said that. I'm mostly just glad the whole hiding-my-obsessive-crush thing is over with.
At work, I just got promoted to cashier. Also, I finished my 15-page research paper and got an 85. I also didn't fail History like I thought I would, or Algebra, even though the grades I got in both classes were low Cs. -_- And that pretty much brings us up to date for now....

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