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True Stories

The Return of Mike Menace
No Money and No Job
My Jaw is Sore
Fingers Crossed
I Don't Want to Be a Legal Adult in One Year

The Return of Mike Menace

Nothing really exciting has happened around here up until now, (oh yeah, Scott and I did find a raft at a sporting goods store that was going out of business, so we'll soon carry out our voyage-across-Percy Priest Lake plan!) so I guess I'll just use this space to talk about Mike's arrival in Nashville on the 28th.
Mike Menace, as you remember, was Scott's old roommate. He's quite michievious and destructive, also very strong (he picked me up by my legs and swung me around!!) But when you sit down and talk to him you will realize he is a somewhat intelligent person who has some profound things to say, once in awhile. He's been living in Oregon, I think, had the chance to hang out with Aaron Cometbus and some other punks up in the Northwest. He's a drifter, couch-hopper type, technically homeless, and when I met him again on Sunday his hair had grown out so he somewhat looked like a homeless person, too. (Heheheh, I offered to let him set his tent up in my yard for the night. How cool that would have been.)
Mike will only be in town for about a week, but Scott says if he hangs around any longer than that he tends to wear out his welcome. To give you an example of Mike's undesirable qualities, I'll tell you how Scott got his only warrant. (Mike has warrants out in several states, mostly for hopping trains.) One day when Scott was with Mike in Olympia about three years ago, they were walking around town when Mike chanced upon a vending machine. He was determined to get free candy out of that machine, and rather than use the skillful techniques employed by my sister, he began physically assaulting the machine, beating on it with his fist, screaming obscenities and whatnot. Well, finally after a lot of work, Mike got a shower of free candy to come pouring out of the machine. Mike instantly grabbed the free food and ran like hell, with Scott following close behind, although he didn't steal any candy from the machine, and had never really touched it. (He probably couldn't have eaten half of the candy anyway.) After retreating a few blocks they were cut off by two or three sqaud cars who got a complaint from the people inside of the building that the vending machine was at. So a court date was set, and Scott, who was leaving to go back to Nashville, would have had to reschedule his flight due to the court date being three days or so after his departure. He didn't really think it was a good idea to call his parents and have them arrange for another flight, or to even tell them about the whole ordeal in the first place, so he left. Mike was in court at the appointed time and when Scott didn't show up, he was issued a warrant. Mike got off okay, and he'd actually done the crime in the first place. So now Scott can't really go back for seven years. Nice.
Anyway, we were supposed to go to The Queers show on the 28th. Scott was going to pick me up after I got off work at 7:30 and drive us downtown for the show. Around 7:55 I started to get worried. Finally I get a call at the customer service desk and it's Scott. Apparently he'd gone to Memphis to pick Mike up (I thought he'd already arrived in town at this point). But the reason why he was late was because he got arrested. He wouldn't tell me why over the phone. Shocked, I told him to come by as soon as he could. He told me the soonest he could come would be in about an hour. Christ. So I sat around an extra 45 or 55 minutes reading Diet for a New America by John Robbins, which is like this vegan book Scott let me borrow. After enriching myself with the inhumane slaughter of chickens in factories (complete with pictures!) Scott pulled up and I jumped in the car, waiting to hear the whole story. Turns out that the start of the whole mess was a cap gun. Mike was innocently playing with it in the car, waving it around outside the window and such. Then they stopped at a gas station or something for drinks, and when they pulled back out to leave they were cut off by five, count 'em, FIVE police cars. They were evicted from the car and shoved to the ground on their knees while the pigs searched his vehicle. They finally found the cap gun, and after a thorough inspection (one of the cops ironically remarked that it didn't even look like an actual gun), put it on the roof of the car and continued to search through everything. Among the items on the roof were a plastic pitchfork I'd left in his car on Halloween and a big case of ginseng Mike brought along for some reason. "Wanna know an actual quote from one of the police officers?" Scott asks me. "They actual said this: 'I thought we were gonna get to shoot someone tonite!'" In the end he got off with only having to pay to have his car towed down to the station where cops pleaded with the mayor or whoever to sign a warrant for...something. Mike says waving a cap gun around like that is actually a felony, but I have no idea how that's a felony. Neither does anyone else. The guy wouldn't OK the warrant so they were released. Then we made it to the show, where the Queers didn't actually play at all. So we went out for chinese on the money Mike made selling zines (he's good at it! he made about 8 bucks in a half hour!) and then played some pinball. And I went home.
One last thing before I go....everyone, go see Princess Mononoke! If you live in Nashville, it's playing at the Green Hills Regal Cinema. I saw it on Thanksgiving with damen, and although Claire Danes gets on your nerves and Billy Crudup sounds like he's reading his lines rather than acting, it's worth it to see Miyazaki on the big screen. So take your whole family, because the more money it makes, the bigger chance it has to making a nationwide release!

No Money and No Job

I can't really document a lot of what Scott and I have been doing lately because it's gotten sort of monotonous, and boring, and well, I just don't think anyone cares really. Damen has declared an all-out war on Scott, but I think the whole situation will probably take its toll on himself before he can get back at anyone else. I finally quit my job, the 9th was my last day, and now that I'm thinking about it I should go pick up my final check soon. We're out for Xmas break, right now Christmas is about 4 days away, tomorrow I'm going to my grandparents' house in Lebanon, Tennesee. I haven't seen them since last Xmas I think because they never call us or anything. Scott has moved out of his parents' house and into Amanda's closet temporarily until he can find people to share and apartment with him. With Mike and Scot moving away and having quit his job, with his time mostly devoted to juggling work, it's hard for him to afford his own place right now. I'm kind of worried about him living in a closet because you can barely lie down in it (I can, however). The last time I was at his house he had pictures of me all over the walls, which we agreed made him look kind of obsessed, but I thought it was sweet anyway.
That was last Saturday. Scott came over and picked me up and my dad said Caitlin could come too, which I wasn't exactly thrilled about. So we went out to eat, then went over to Kinko's and tried to find out how to get to Alex (at school)'s house so I could drop off her Christmas gift. Scott and Caitlin made a flipbook on one of the xerox machines of Caitlin sticking a pencil in her nose and mouth. After that we went to Alex's and dropped off her present, which was a book I found at a used bookstore while out with Scott that had a bunch of reprinted Mucha posters in it. Skyler and Alex got to meet the famed Scott (I talk about him a lot at school), I got to meet Alex's father she's always talking about, and Caitlin just sort of stood around playing with stuff and looking bored. When we failed to get Alex to come rafting with us (due to her plans with Skyler and Skyler's traumatic-type experiences with boats), we left and went to the mall where I got Alexandra (my sister's) present and we finally got home. (The mall is way too crowded around Xmas.) We decided to drop Caitlin off and then me and Scott went to Suzanne's house to make hummus for her Xmas party at work, but she had just gotten out of the hospital so we hung around for a while and left. Then we went to Scott's closet house (which we have yet to establish a good name for) and Scott cleaned out my ears with these candle things (don't ask) and we tried to take a nap in his closet, but that didn't work out very well, much to the dismay of his housemates. After that we realized it had gotten mighty late so we went out to eat at Waffle House (I had a huge bowl of grits and freaked out these guys sitting next to me because I was really hungry and I didn't notice how sloppy I was being with my food). I don't think I'd eaten there since I was there with Linzy and Jill back in the eighth grade. Then he dropped me off and I realized that I'd never told my parents when I'd come home exactly, so they were sort of pissed off at me and told me not to stay out all day without telling them ever again. D'oh. Damen called me just as I'd gotten to sleep, and I yelled at him to leave me alone. The next day Scott called me and I talked to him most of the day because when you're not in school, you're usually at a loss at what to do, besides eat and sleep, which I've done enough of already. Scott has a show on Christmas and New Year's Eve or course, which means I'll end up having to spend New Year's with damen....something I'm not looking forward to. Oh well. I don't think we can really be friends in the same way again. I wish he could just accept the Scott thing and they could be friends, but he has to be an immature asshole about it. Right now I feel like slamming his face into a brick wall repeatedly, because I'm so damn frustrated with him. I feel like calling Scott and having him come over here today, but he's at his parents house for Christmas, and Noelle is over there because she's good friends with his family, which is just weird. (Noelle is Scott's weird ex-girlfriend that he went out with off and on for 6 years.) Scott says not to call because he hasn't told Noelle we were going out, which makes me edgy now. I think he should tell her soon if he tells her at all, and neither of us know how she'll take it. In the past whenever Scott broke up with her, or they broke up, she'd engage in some self-destructive activity that would make Scott feel sorry for what he did and go back out with her sometimes, which I think is really fucked up. He's been with a lot of girls who just seem to push him around a lot so I think he's kind of dating me as a recovery type thing...I know he loves me and all, but I guess I'm just thinking it's too good to be true. At least I'm keeping him from going back out with Noelle, who I think is really really bad for him. She doesn't even seem like his type in the first place, so I wonder how they ever got together. It's none of my business anyway, what he did in the past, but I feel he should get over all that for good. I love him too much...


This Christmas wasn't very Christmasy. Over the break I went out alot with Scott, although we didn't do much. It was nice just to be with him. Now I have to wait till the weekends because my parents won't let me out of the house on school nights if I don't have a job. (Funny how I have the same priveledges that I had when I was thirteen, just about.) My uncle Roger who I hadn't seen in three years came over to visit and stay with us for about week. I didn't talk to him very much, which I felt bad about, but it was hard talking to him. I also didn't have much new to talk about that he'd find interesting. I couldn't show him my zine or my cel collection or any of that because it wouldn't have been interesting. Just about all of my relatives, my aunts and uncles and grandparents and stuff gave me money, and most of them gave me the same amount ($25). With that money I bought some records and a bunch of fansubs (Detective Conan and Lupin the Third). On Christmas Day I got the following stuff: a watch (almost like the one I lost two years ago, nice!), a Kodak Advantix camera and some film, socks, underwear (much needed), pencils, new pair of Converse All-stars, The Faculty on video (LOL), and my sisters got me Ranma 1/2 manga. No riot helmet, again. Scott is trying to find one for me right now. I'll keep everyone posted on his success.
After Christmas I saw Jason. We were on our way to the Japanese market to find stuff for miso, and we stopped by the club that Jason supposedly works at now, The Next Generation, which I thought had closed down. It looks all hip-hoppish because most of the acts that they booked were that kind of music. I wasn't sure if it was still open or not, but the guy at the door said they were closed down. When I saw Jason we got inside and saw them setting the place up. Jason said they were changing the name and booking only punk and hardcore bands, so I volunteered to get zines for the place. I left that night and went home and drew up flyers for his three biggest shows. Tomorrow I'm going to his first show there. Last night they had a hip hop night again, so I'm wondering about the status of that place. Maybe they're booking hip hop and rap stuff because that's the only way they can make money.
Last night Scott and I picked up Amber from school, and we did a variety of things, like play around in department stores (K-mart AND Wal-mart), eat pizza, get our pictures taken in a Jesus manger in front of a church, try to visit Jason, play Mad-libs, and other crazy stuff. We tried to get a potential zine rack from Daniel at Wal-mart where he works, but they weren't throwing it out like thought, they were saving it for later use. Since it was in the back we didn't even get to see it, when Daniel said it was perfect for holding zines and stuff. Earlier we checked my PO Box and I actually had zine orders. Rad. After Wal-mart we dropped Amber off because she was supposed to meet someone that night, but was late, and she didn't want to flake on them. Then me and Scott went to the cat house to play with Rat (his rat my sisters got him for Xmas) and give him his new water dish, but Scott got pulled over for doing 55 in a 35 mile an hour zone (his speedometer said 45 though). So that sucked. When we got to the house no one was there so it was nice, just me and Scott. I was falling asleep in the car on the way there, so we went to sleep in his closet for what seemed like five minutes, but it was three hours later when the alarm went off and he drove me home. So after about a week, when he'd only come over one night at my house for a few hours (and my dad yelled at me afterwards), all we did was sleep. Oh well, I can't complain, I get to see him one other day tommorrow before going back to school.

My Jaw is Sore

Let's see, how has life changed? Well...I got another job, this one I make $6 an hour at doing less work, and I get to work with two of my friends, Skyler and Alex, who have been driving me home in the afternoons every day from school. The downside to the job is that I get paid bi-weekly and I don't work very much, but I don't NEED money now anyway so that's fine with me. I just sent in forms for the ACT which I'll be taking in April...I have Economics now instead of gym class (which I'll never have to take again in my life), with Ms. Cartwright, who has to be the most right-wing person I know. Coming from a moderate political background myself, she seems like the antichrist. When she stated her views on pets as private property recently, and said that "owners" could abuse their animals in any way they wanted if they pleased, that's when I dissmissed her as another Republican weirdo. At least the class is interesting.
So what have I been doing out of school? Well, working on my zine, an audio version of the newest issue about to come out and a million comics, an acrylic painting, been reading John Robbins Diet for a New America (still) and The Communist Manifesto, as well as MaximumRocknRoll (which I buy for the columns) and other zines. After I finish the books I'm currently on I'll probably finish Anthony Burgess' The Wanting Seed my Arthur Conan Doyle novels which I've not read on since 8th grade, and my Trixie Belden books which I've abandoned since I was ten years old. Scene-wise I've been conducting, ever so badly, my distro at _____ Generation (as Jason called it on a flyer for the most recent show). Woody, owner of the club, which was previously a bar and billiard hall, has finally got off his ass and went to work on the place. They don't have a sign out for my distro yet, though. :P I am working on a large article about this place for Sick Day #5 scheduled to come out sometime this spring. The following is a show review of Blanks 77 that will probably be in this large article.
Blanks 77 with Random Conflict, The Desposed, Fuck Fuck Goose at Next Generation, Old Hickory Blvd., 2/12/00.
I was really looking forward to this show, much like the Hudson Falcons who I missed due to snow that day. When Scott and I arrived, the show was supposed to be in progress already, but like usual they were running late. Jason thanked us for coming and showed off the brand new stage (WITH drum rise) that Woody and he had built that day. I was surprised that Woody actually contributed to something. Turns out that Blanks wanted something like 500 bucks from coming down to play. Sure it was shitty, but we're willing to put up with all kinds of shit to get this place actually launched. This was definitely the biggest turnout they'd had in awhile. I looked around and found a lot of people I knew...Dee, Ben, etc. By the way, I was so afraid Dee would kick my ass for all the shit I said about her in my most recent distro catalog (even though it was all true, as Ben says), but all she did was tell me about how my grandmother was everything I made her out to be (my grandma and my mom went to some store where she's working to buy bunkbeds for my two sisters). "She was asking me all this questions and everything, and she wouldn't shut up!"
Finally The Desposed came out, after setting up the stage with three TVs (one of which Ben and his friend found on the side of the road while skating) tuned to static, and some disturbing beat up doll. I like The Desposed. They're like Process is Dead, only they don't take themselves seriously at all. The singer (whose name I don't know, I only know Jason plays drums in this band) was dressed up like Danzig. Scott seemed to find this infinitely amusing, but he was happy that they played a Misfits song anyhow. I took pictures with Scott's camera (and of all the bands we stayed to watch). The singer had a guitar w/ no strings that had a mic stand strapped to it, which he was using to sing out of. It was funny. After a certain song, the singer (I wish I knew his name because it gets tiring to call him "the singer" over and over) took the "guitar" and tried to smash it against the concrete floor. It didn't break, and exasperated, he picked it up and tried again. After he failed, one of his bandmates tried to destroy it, failing in a similiar way. Finally one of the guys threw it against the floor really hard, and it slid across the floor and hit me right above the ankle. Ow. Well it was funny up until that point. After The Deposed went off, I sat around and talked with a few people, before becoming very bored. Obviously another band was late. Finally Fuck Fuck Goose (may I point out that this is a terrible name for a band?) came on, and we left because they sucked. They were so horrible that everyone was still sitting down long after they came on. One of the band members asked as we were leaving why no one was dancing, and got a resounding "BECAUSE YOU SUCK!!!". Scott and I tried to eat at Taco Bell but their register blew up right before we got there, so we went to Waffle House instead. When we got back, Random Conflict was almost done with their set. I was confused....perhaps Fuck Fuck Goose got properly booed off the stage. Apparently they'd taken over when The Hated didn't make it. Random Conflict was fun, I had a good time dancing around in front of the stage for once. When they went off I noticed Daniel had finally gotten off work. He was in a bad mood for being made to work 8 hours with no breaks. He needs to quit his manual labor job at Wal-mart...well...I would, anyhow. Now the official groupie for The Desposed, sans long hair, Daniel stood like a large rock in the middle of the pit during Blanks' set, which was super annoying. Some random girl grabbed my hand and we jumped up and down together, I thought that was sweet. I didn't get to see the entire show because I had to work the next morning and so I went home. Anyway, I was impressed with the quality of this show over the previous ones at Next Generation. Despite the lateness of a few bands, I had fun and Woody seemed to have his shit together. And they sold all of my zines, even though I had forgotten to staple and number if you have an un-stapled copy of Sick Day #4, you'll now know why. Now if only those zines from Israel will come in...REMEMBER TO SEND ME SAMPLES FOR DISTRIBUTION! I won't sell your samples, but I really need zines to distro here! I'll pay you up front, none of that "your money's on its way" bullshit. Now I'm off to eat food and raise hell, so "catch you on the flipside" as they say...

Fingers Crossed

I've been out of school for quite awhile now, since the middle of May, so I decided it was about time to update this since I'm home for the summer and it isn't winter anymore. Look for updates in the zine review section and hopefully the art section (with details from my painting I did recently and a collage I completed in art class this year). I'm actually still kind of busy, working to save for Anime Expo, studying for my SAT and ACT next year, taking driver's ed, doing my summer reading and planning a yard sale. My birthday is this Sunday and I'll be 17. Next year my main focus in school will be to complete my portfolio and apply for every available scholarship I can in order to get into Savannah College of Art where I want to major in Sequential Art (I also plan on studying Film). Savannah is out of state, which is where I want to be when I go to college, but it's still close enough to drive home in one day, so I should be fine. The only real problem is that I don't think Scott will move with me because he seems comfortable here in Nashville, but I've only lived in this area and nowhere else my entire life and I want to experience something new.
In the more recent future, I'm going to Anime Expo this year, after requesting days off of work (which was a problem because of my other vacation to Canada less than a week after I get back from California) and working around driver's ed classes to get off just in time. Driver's ed is terrible, I must be the worst driver in the world because I can't seem to manuever a car worth a damn. And I know after I learn how to drive an automatic, that my car is still a manual transmission. DAMN.
Things that are cool: Maximum Rocknroll, the new record store off 12th Ave. So. and the many zines and old punk records the guy has for sale, Gundam Wing, lots of free time to work on artwork and zine projects, my anime club, The Price is Right, being nominated for Who's Who in American High Schools, my new hammock.
Things that are not cool: Lack of shows coming up to go to (I had to work the day Sleater-Kinney played Nashville), Cry the Beloved Country by Alan Paton (this guy *cannot* write dialouge), college tuition for Savannah College, fees and crap I know I'll have to pay for my upcoming Senior year, trying to clean out my room before leaving for Anime Expo, the difficulty of saving money, only to spend it all before I get to Canada at a stupid convention, my new manager at work.
That's about it for now. Anything newsworthy will be added in the near future.

I Don't Want to Be a Legal Adult in One Year

[The following is copied directly from my own personal journal, as I am a lazy biznitch with way too many things to do right now.]
I've been slacking off quite a bit lately with writing in this thing, but I have driver's ed and work occupying my time and nothing much of interest has occured thus far. Until fairly recently... cutting back on my hours are work was sort of a blessing--they aren't doing so well financially at Michael's so they will only let everyone work their minimum of hours-- which for me is two days per week. Yeah, I know, I COULD still use more money for Anime Expo (which, by the way, hs another problem in that damen's father didn't book a room at the hotel we were going to stay at next to Disneyland, and both hotels are booked up for the 4th of July so we have to stay at this hotel about a mile away and take a taxi each morning, and I also have to fly back by myself because damen and his family want to stay in Anaheim after the convention and I can't; I only requested those five days off at work and I want to be back in time for my trip to Quebec, although I'd like to stay. Back to the sentence in progress...) butat least this way I know it's not a problem for me to get off of work since they don't have to pay me anyway. Oh, and I just got suspended from using ebay because they finally found out I was underage (someone tipped me off and they called my house and questioned my father !! If I fing out who it was, they'll pay) which sucks because I still owe them $10.60 for item listings and I was going to sell some rare duro-trans from Mipcom Asia which I'm sure I could have gotten some money for. [I'll probably auction it off right here on my website.]
Scott, as soon as I get less hours at work, gets two jobs that he didn't even apply for! I guess that's good, because he needs the money since he's been trying to move out right now, but that means I'll barely even see him. He was giving Amanda a hand unloading a truck at Cone, where she works, and he wanted to know if he could get paid for working that day, and she said she'd put him down for some hours, so he got a job there. Then he got a call from IHOP not soon after and they wanted to know if he'd come into work because they were short, so they rehired him. And he's still juggling and stuff so technically he's working three jobs, and it's making me really nervous. I'm not just upset because he won't be able to see me hardly at all, but because I'm afraid he's going to wear himself out, or go crazy, or both.
Well, enough about Scott's problems. On Saturday he came to get me so we could go celebrate my birthday, even though we were both nearly broke-- we planned on going to this fish fry down by Old Hickory Lake. For some reason I decided to call Amber and when I got her on the phone she told me she'd just come back from her vacation to Florida. She didn't really want to go anywhere because she had just been a car all day and was tired. So I told her I'd come over to give her the birthday present I got her. So we went to Michael's to see if my frame was ready and it was, then we went out our way to Amber's house and found a large box on the side of the road which he had me hide in when I gave her the present. We ended up giving her the box so she could use it as a place for her new puppy to sleep in. Scott hates dogs and I don't really like them either but puppies are cute, this one in particular. Scott finally talked Amber into coming with us. The fish fry looked pretty non-existant when we got to the lake so we decided to go see a movie if any good ones were playing at the discount movie theater. I wanted to see Magnolia (it was one of those places where all the movies are old ones already on video), but no one else did, and they didn't really like any of the other movies, and none of them got out in time for use to take Amber home, so we went to the Great Escape in Madison where I hadn't been. I got a bunch of Hate comics that were on sale for 99 cents, a NKOTB tape (Scott's right, I should have gotten to record when they both cost the same, but then we wouldn't have had as much fun-- you'll see...), Dead Kennedys "Frankenchrist", The Clash's "Give 'Em More Rope" (even though I don't exactly love The Clash, the poor selection of good stuff for cheap left me with few selections, and I need new stuff to listen to). All in all I spent 16 bucks. After that we ate Chinese food and drove around blasting "The Right Stuff" out of our car. We pulled up next to this very disgruntled looking guy in a pickup truck and for some reason Amber kept screaming "SHOW ME YOUR ASS!" at him. So he turned right at this intersection and we made Scott follow him for some reason, which got us stuck in the middle of a trailer park somewhere. After we got out of that, we drove by the cemetary where Lee Reasonover [singer/drummer for Nashville-area punk band Brutus Fly] is buried and I made us stop so I could see his grave for myself after hearing Scott talk so much about him all the time. After much scrambling around we finally found it (it was dark) and Amber decided to take flowers off a fresh grave and put it on Lee's. That freaked me out for about the rest of the night.
The next day was my birthday and I didn't have to go to work or school so I was happy. I got a cake and actually blew out all 17 candles, and so far for my birthday I've gotten: A Japanese-English dictionary, a Star Blazers tape, two tank tops, a rapidograph pen with a bottle of india ink and two other size points for it, a card from my uncle Roger with $35 inside (which I'm about to spend on another cel), [and my mother took me out to eat at Mikaku last night]. Damen called me that day because he said he felt like he should, and I told him it was my birthday, and he freaked out. He'd forgot and thought it was in July. But this means that I'll probably get something from him at Anime Expo, which is good because he got more money from his parents to spend than I was able to earn and save up, and that doesn't include cab fare and food costs. No fair! I don't want to make him feel bad, but stuff like this makes busting my ass pale in comparision, even if he doesn't get an allowance or have a job.
Yesterday Alex called wanting to know if I could be kidnapped (she tried to get me the day before but I was working...she went downtown to protest the state income tax and they voted against it!) and it was ok so we went to Goodwill and Dollar General and Southern Thrift shopping. At Southern Thrift Alex bought a chair and a skirt and I got a grey tank top and a bible trivia board game for children. Then we came home and played the bible game with Dan [Alex's dad] and then went out to the store to get Cherry Coke and mint chocolate chip ice cream. Then we played Trivial Pursuit and this other weird card game called Flux until it was time to pick Skyler up at work. Then we sat around outside Michael's forever because they were running late. Finally we got back to Alex's house where we all played bible trivia and Skyler kicked our asses and "got into Heaven" before us. D'oh. Well a good time was had by all, and then I went home...
Well that's about all. I will add and endnote of sorts...Rebecca somehow got a huge piece of metal jabbed into her foot last night walking across a bare part of the linoleum on the kitchen floor, and it was bleeding really bad and we couldn't get it out, so we took her to the emergency room at Southern Hills. I had to sit in the waiting room for about an hour and half with nothing to do and no one to call since my wallet was at home with all my phone numbers in it, along with my shoes...and I couldn't find Scott's number in the phone book. So I sat around listening to a hypochrondriatic old woman who was able to walk talk about how she was about to die after falling down the stairs and demanding immediate attention, a very loud black man run in screaming about being shot in the arm which frightened me half to death, oh yeah...and I had a woman tell her child that it was filthy not to wear shoes, referring to me of course, who had run out of the house with my mom to race my sister to the emergency room--hence the lack of shoes. I can safely tell you that a hospital ER waiting room is somewhere I don't ever want to be again.]