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valerie's cel wishlist

This is my cel wishlist if anyone wants to trade with me. Notice that I probably won't want to trade for my cels marked "Not for Sale", but depending on which cel I might consider it. Most of these are pretty outrageous demands, I know, but it *is* just a wishlist. Also note that now I have this list roughly in order of how badly I want cels of said characters.

First and foremost is always Lupin III. It is very hard to find good cels from this series today. I'm hoping one day I can boast the largest Lupin cel collection, even if only the largest one online. These cels can get VERY expensive, especially if they are from one of the Miyazaki-directed episodes or Cagliostro. (The cel to your left alone was more than 6,000 dollars. O_O;;) Right now my main goals are...find nice cels of Goemon, or Lupin. For some reason I really want a cel of Lupin in his blue and white shorts. I'm not really interested in getting movie cels, I want TV series. Lupin III is my favorite series so I'm easily persuaded to buy and trade for it. Any help at all in this area would be greatly, *eternally* appreciated.
* Card Captor Sakura. I'm getting more into collecting from this show. Right now what I want the most is a cel of Touya and Yukito in the same cel, Yukito and Sakura in the same cel (not necessarily alone) and any cel where Touya is being "brotherly" to Sakura (like where he protects her in the Mirror card episode, or where she's on his back in episode 6). I'm also interested in Li or Kero-chan cels.
* Escaflowne, a nice cel of Van where he doesn't look too agressive (he always looks so mad!) to complete the love triangle. Any decent cel of Dilandau. This is one of those "I only need one cel" series.
* Future Boy Conan, all characters, but especially Dyce or Monsley.
* Dragon Ball (original series only), any good cels of female characters, Red Ribbon Army bad guys (Shogun Blue!), and a nice cel of Tenshinhan since I sold mine. ;_;
* Fushigi Yuugi, Hotohori. Hotohori is one of my favorite anime bishonen, and cels of him are getting really, really hard to find. I'm more interested in the TV cels than OVAs. Also, I'd like to have a nice cel of Chichiri and also Nuriko. If I could find a cel of Tamahome from the first ten or so episodes, that'd be nice too. I REALLY hate the way he looks with no braid...
* Detective Conan, Mori Kogoro! (Cels from this show are cheap, but he is so hard to find -_-) Also a nice Conan.
* Crayon Shin-chan, Shin-chan or *snicker* Buri Buri Zaemon (if cels exist anywhere...I know they must have used cels but I've never seen any...)